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Evolving the Common Agricultural Policy for Tomorrow's Challenges

by Cécile Détang-Dessendre (editorial coordination), Hervé Guyomard (editorial coordination), Philippe Mauguin (preface)
april 2023

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DOI : 10.35690/978-2-7592-3716-6

DOI : 10.35690/978-2-7592-3495-0

As in other parts of the world, agriculture in Europe is not sustainable. It must urgently and importantly evolve. The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) must foster this evolution. In that perspective, this book draws the contours of an ambitious CAP that would facilitate the necessary agro-ecological transition of agricultural systems in the European Union.

The book is divided into three parts. The economic aspects are the subject of the first part. The climate, environmental and health dimensions are addressed in the second part. The third part deals with rural development and innovation. With the exception of the first chapter, which provides a brief history of the CAP, the different chapters are organized according to the same structure. They begin with a description of the issue; they continue with a critical presentation of how the issue has been considered within the CAP to date and, if relevant, in other public policies; they finally propose policy recommendations to better address the issue. Each chapter can be read independently. Even if the disciplines and skills mobilized cover a broad spectrum, the general framework of analysis is that of public economics. This reading key is used both to justify the objectives of the CAP and to define the policy instruments to be implemented in order to achieve these objectives in the most efficient way. The concluding chapter addresses three aspects: first, an analysis of the global coherence of our recommendations, including in terms of their links with other policies than the CAP; second, a critical reading of the June 2021 agreement for the 2023-2027 CAP in the light of our recommendations; third, a reading of our recommendations in the light of the ambition of the European Green Deal for agriculture and food.

This book is aimed at all actors interested in the future of the CAP and more generally of agriculture in the European Union: policy makers, agricultural stakeholders, non-governmental organizations, researchers, teachers and students.

Table of contents

Philippe Mauguin
Introductory remarks
Cécile Détang-Dessendre, Hervé Guyomard


General Introduction
Cécile Détang-Dessendre, Hervé Guyomard

Chapter 1. A Brief History of the CAP
Vincent Chatellier, Cécile Détang-Dessendre, Hervé Guyomard

Part I. The CAP and the Economy
Cécile Détang-Dessendre, Hervé Guyomard
Chapter 2. The CAP and Farm Incomes
Vincent Chatellier, Hervé Guyomard
Chapter 3. The CAP and Agricultural Employment
Cécile Détang-Dessendre, Jean-Noël Depeyrot, Laurent Piet
Chapter 4. The CAP and International Trade
Vincent Chatellier, Jean-Christophe Bureau, Sébastien Jean, Hervé Guyomard
Chapter 5. The CAP and the Distribution of Value
Claire Chambolle, Stéphane Turolla
Chapter 6. The CAP and Hazard Management
Jean Cordier, Alexandre Gohin

Part II. The CAP, the Environment and Health

Cécile Détang-Dessendre, Pierre Dupraz, Hervé Guyomard, Vincent Réquillart, Louis-Georges Soler
Chapter 7. Two Major Issues for the CAP: Climate and Biodiversity
Pierre Dupraz, Sylvain Pellerin, Clélia Sirami
Chapter 8. The CAP and the Agro-Ecological Transition of European Agriculture
Benoît Dedieu, Cécile Détang-Dessendre, Pierre Dupraz, Michel Duru, Hervé Guyomard, Olivier Therond
Chapter 9. The CAP and Nutritional Issues
Cécile Détang-Dessendre, Hervé Guyomard, Vincent Réquillart, Louis-Georges Soler
Chapter 10. The CAP, Animal Production and the Consumption of Animal Products
Hervé Guyomard, Zohra Bouamra-Mechemache, Vincent Chatellier, Luc Delaby, Cécile Détang-Dessendre, Jean-Louis Peyraud, Vincent Réquillart

Part III. The CAP, Rural Development, and Innovation

Cécile Détang-Dessendre, Hervé Guyomard
Chapter 11. The CAP and Rural Development: The Paradoxical Position of the Development of Rural Areas in European Policies
Francis Aubert, Cécile Détang-Dessendre, Bertrand Schmitt
Chapter 12. The CAP and Innovation
Cécile Détang-Dessendre, Floor Geerling-Eiff, Hervé Guyomard, Christian Huyghe, Krijn Poppe, Xavier Reboud

Cécile Détang-Dessendre, Hervé Guyomard
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Language(s): English

Publisher: Éditions Quae

Edition: 1st edition

Collection: Matière à débattre et décider

Published: 27 april 2023

EAN13 eBook [ePub]: 9782759234950

EAN13 eBook [PDF]: 9782759237166

DOI eBook [ePub] : 10.35690/978-2-7592-3495-0

DOI eBook [PDF] : 10.35690/978-2-7592-3716-6

Pages count eBook [PDF]: 310

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