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Publisher: Éditions Quae.

The Synthèses collection publishes scientific and technical reference works geared towards higher education staff, scientists and engineers. These syntheses and handbooks, overseen or written by recognized specialists in the field, cover a given subject in depth.

It follows on from the following collections: Mieux comprendre (Inra), Bilans et prospectives (Ifremer), Hors-série "revue Ingénieries-EauAgriculture" (Cemagref), Repères (Cirad), Un point sur... (Inra).

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Biomass A rich and powerful history

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Benoit Daviron

Grassland use in Europe A syllabus for young farmers

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Agricultural and food processing Between ecology and capitalism

From 0,00 € (free)

Architecture and the growth of plants Modeling and applications

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West Nile Virus

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Learn to Innovate in an Uncertain World Design the Future of Agriculture and Food

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Les maladies émergentes Epidemiology in Plants, Animals and Humans

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