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Emergence of infectious diseases

Risks and issues for societies

by Serge Morand (editorial coordination), Muriel Figuié (editorial coordination), Frédéric Keck (preface), Claude Gilbert, Nathalie Brender, François Roger, Patrick Zylberman
april 2018

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DOI : 10.35690/978-2-7592-2773-0

From SARS to avian influenza, Ebola virus and MERS-CoV, infectious diseases have received increasing attention in recent decades from scientists, risk managers, the media and the general public. What explains the constant emergence of infectious diseases? What are the related challenges?

In five chapters, experts from different scientific fields analyse the ecological, social, institutional and political dynamics associated with emerging infectious diseases. This book discusses how the concepts, scientific results and action plans of international or governmental organizations are constructed and coordinated.

In clear straightforward language, this book explores the continuities and discontinuities that occur with emerging infectious diseases, both in terms of collective action and in our relationship to the biological world.

The french version of this book, Émergence de maladies infectieuses, is available on our website.

La version française de ce titre, Émergence de maladies infectieuses, est disponible sur notre site.

Table of contents

Foreword by Frédéric Keck, Anthropologist, CNRS



1. Biogeography and the ecology of emerging infectious diseases

Serge Morand

Characteristics of emerging infectious diseases

Factors of emergence: climate change, biodiversity, land use and globalization

Conclusion: Is the next plague certain?


2. From emergence to emergences – a focus on pandemic influenza

Nathalie Brender, Claude Gilbert

WHO re-appropriation of the issue

SARS, H5N1 and H1N1 – emergence catalysts

An issue seeking owners – the French case


3. Future as a moving target United States, CBRN risk and the scenario planning method: 1995–2008

Patrick Zylberman

Global setting

Immediate setting

Fortunes and misfortunes of triumphalism

Bill Clinton and the CRBN risk

George W. Bush – from prevention to preparedness

Scenario planning and worst-case scenarios

Stranglehold of fiction


4. Collective action in response to emerging zoonotic diseases

Muriel Figuié

Emerging zoonotic diseases – modern collective risks and collective action

Motives and barriers to collaboration between individuals

Challenges facing the expansion of collectives

A new paradigm for animal health?

Setting objectives for collective action against emerging zoonotic diseases


5. Surveillance of emerging diseases: challenges and contradictions

François Roger

Epidemiologic rupture or transition?

What ever happened to the seventh pandemic?

The Horseman on the Roof

Black swans and perfect storms

Surveillance at all costs?

Broadening the battlefield





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Published: 3 april 2018

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