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Strategic management of agricultural and life sciences research

Interfaces, processes and contents

by Bettina Heimann (author), Lance O'Brien (author)
september 2019

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DOI : 10.35690/978-2-7592-3103-4

New developments - scientific, technical, societal and political - influence not only the agenda for research but also research structures, resource requirements (human and otherwise), education and training programs and interfaces with partners and the users of research. They also have an impact on research funding and management and the way research is evaluated and monitored.
This book deals with the business of doing research in Europe's public research and development organisations, with a particular focus on their strategic management challenges. It is the third e-book produced by EURAGRI and draws on contributions made at the 31st EURAGRI annual conference held in Dublin (Ireland) in September 2017.

Table of contents


Chapter 1. Challenges in the agri-food sector and rural areas –Irish expectations for research

Chapter 2. Bioeconomy research and innovation after Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020
Horizon Europe
The bioeconomy strategy
FOOD 2030
The blue economy strategy
Agricultural knowledge and the CAP
Strategy binding

Chapter 3. New challenges and opportunities – the role of Teagasc
New challenges and opportunities through 2050 and the need for transformation
The role of Teagasc

Chapter 4. Processes and implementation issues: programming and funding management
Research portfolio
Overview of the research call process for new internally funded projects
Externally funded projects
Industry funding

Chapter 5. Strategic management of agricultural and life sciences research organisations – AgResearch, New Zealand
New Zealand geography
First in the world
Thinking big
Public sector and science reforms
Leading thinking
A national science system focused on impact
Reaching out to stakeholders
Extreme is the new normal

Chapter 6. Changing research agendas: working with researchers in new ways
Defining researchers and what they want
What researchers do not know or understand
Convincing postdocs to support the European research agenda
An example of an initiative to develop interdisciplinary collaborative projects
Pending questions

Chapter 7. Diversity – a strategic issue for future European agri-food and bioeconomy research
The new drive for diversity
The rural-urban interlinkage and the broader scope of the bioeconomy
The right level of diversity
The human dimensions and the interdisciplinary challenge in research


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Published: 23 september 2019

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