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Urban soils, environment and health

Rethink uses

by Ronald Charvet (editorial coordination), Christian Mougin (editorial coordination), Élisabeth Rémy (editorial coordination)
Collection: Hors collection
march 2024

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DOI : 10.35690/978-2-7592-3685-5

Urban soil pollution is at the intersection of global health concerns, environmental protection and sustainable use of spaces. While some cities are reinvesting wastelands, advocating a circular waste economy and developing collective gardens or oasis courtyards, this work underlines the importance of working on soil health and its uses. Better soil quality is beneficial to human health, through food, but also because they constitute a reservoir of biological resources. However, soil quality often remains unknown in urban areas.
The impact of soils on air quality, water quality and biodiversity re-examines the question of the risks inherent in the long history of these soils and that of our practices. Therefore, how can we manage old pollution and reduce exposure associated with the territories concerned? How to anticipate future exposures? Promising avenues are proposed to improve the consideration of urban soils, from the perspective of the concept of global health which makes it possible to think about health at the interface with that of humans, animals and their environment, on national and global scales.
Through a multidisciplinary approach, this book provides answers to these societal challenges, to promote cooperation between all stakeholders concerned with city planning, ecotoxicology and human health, as well as citizens, and to put put in place concerted actions to promote information and co-construction with a view to better use of land towards a healthy and sustainable city.
This work is aimed at actors and decision-makers concerned with urban planning: managers, urban planners, architects or communities, researchers in biotechnical sciences and social sciences, as well as users of these urban environments.

Table of contents


Christian Mougin, Ronald Charvet, Élisabeth Rémy

Introduction Soils and their history: between knowledge and uncertainties
Marine Canavese
1. Diffuse contamination of agricultural and urban soils: state of knowledge and available data
Claire Froger, Nicolas P. A. Saby, Jean-François Brunet, Dominique Guyonnet, Antonio Bispo
2. Historical studies in the context of polluted sites and soils
Thierry Blondel
3. Soil health and history in Belgium
François Antoine, Sylvie Lefebvre
4. Soil Information Sector (SIS): civil law in support of environmental law
Maylis Desrousseaux, Cécile Cessac
5. Development of a spatialized index of potential pollution of trace metal elements in urban soils in Île-de-France
Mathilde Basuyau, Laure Chabalier, Philippe Branchu

Introduction Spreading and amendments: history and impacts on soils and territories
Laurence Lestel
6. Recycling sewage sludge in France since the 1970s: actors and limits of metabolic recirculation
Yann Brunet
7. What trajectories for peri-urban degraded soils?
Maxime Algis
8. Management of organic waste products generated in the Paris region and their impact on soil quality
Marie-Laure Mouchard, François Nold, Ronald Charvet
9. Recycling of organic materials: yes, but to what extent?
Cécile Poulain

Introduction Soils and health: multiple links, an imperative for prevention
Agnès Lefranc
10. Soil pollution and deterioration of indoor air quality
Agnès Lefranc, Irène Cazenobe, Franck Bonneviale, Marie Gantois, Isabelle Rouvié-Laurie
11. Risks and management of urban soils for recreational uses and vegetable growing
Aline Coftier, Véronique Huon de Kermadec, Ronald Charvet
12. Drinking water and health: a difficult assessment of health risks
Mickaël Derangeon
13. Chemical contaminants in foodstuffs of animal origin produced in peri-urban areas
Matthieu Delannoy, Guido Rychen, Stefan Jurjanz
14. Impacts of the herbicide glyphosate in a global health context
Xavier Coumoul, Christian Mougin
15. Impact of fungicides used in the environment on human health
Steffi Rocchi
16. Soils and parasites: the case of roundworm through the ages
Matthieu Le Bailly, Jacques Cabaret

Introduction Soil management for a healthier city
Ronald Charvet, Élisabeth Rémy, Christian Mougin
17. Soil health at the center of the new European Union strategy
Luca Montanarella
18. The development of benchmark values on (peri)urban soils: between sharing of knowledge and production of ignorance
Élisabeth Rémy, Marine Canavese
19. Guide to setting up a collective garden in Île-de-France
Nicolas Herbreteau
20. Valorization of nettle in the context of phytomanagement of polluted soils
Loïc Yung, Chloé Viotti, Coralie Bertheau-Rossel, Vincent Placet, Michel Chalot
21. Off-site recovery approaches for excavated land in development projects
Samuel Coussy, Noémie Dubrac

Élisabeth Rémy, Ronald Charvet, Christian Mougin
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Language(s): French

Publisher: Éditions Quae

Edition: 1st edition

Collection: Hors collection

Published: 7 march 2024

EAN13 eBook [PDF]: 9782759236855

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DOI eBook [PDF] : 10.35690/978-2-7592-3685-5

Pages count eBook [PDF]: 316

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