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Eating in the city

Socio-anthropological perspectives from Africa, Latin America and Asia

by Audrey Soula (editorial coordination), Chelsie Yount-André (editorial coordination), Olivier Lepiller (editorial coordination), Nicolas Bricas (editorial coordination), Jean-Pierre Hassoun (preface), David Manley (translation)
december 2020

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DOI : 10.35690/978-2-7592-3282-6

This book explores changes in eating habits in African, Latin American and Asian cities. It reveals—through studies on city dwellers’ food practices and representations—the inadequacy of an analytical approach to these changes in terms of Westernization, standardization, transition or convergence towards a widely applicable model. Surveys conducted in cities of the Global South revealed that city dwellers are inventing new forms of eating based on a multitude of local and/or exogenous sources. Abidjan garba and Ouagadougou bâbenda are novel dishes that exemplify this urban food invention trend.

The authors of the chapters are humanities and social science specialists from Africa, Latin America and Asia who conduct research in these regions. They invite readers to take a closer look at urban food in the Global South—the picture that emerges is far removed from preconceived ideas regardingpoverty, health and the individual responsibility of food eaters. This book should be of interest to a scientific audience of teachers and food systems professionals, as well as any readers interested in urban social and cultural dynamics and the development of sociological and anthropological theories from the Global South.


The french version of this book, Manger en ville, is available on our website.

La version française de ce titre, Manger en ville, est disponible sur notre site.

Table of contents

Introduction – viewing food through the lens of urban eaters
Audrey Soula, Chelsie Yount-André, Olivier Lepiller, Nicolas Bricas

Part 1. Urban foodways at the cusp of normative injunctions

Chapter 1. Feeding children – a focus of tension in the Algerian city of Oran
Mohamed Mebtoul, Hamdia Belghachem, Ouassila Salemi, Malika Bouchenak, Karim Bouziane Nedjadi, Nabil Chaoui, Imad Boureghda
Chapter 2. Getting out of the kitchen! Reshaping gender relations and food practices in Casablanca
Hayat Zirari
Chapter 3. Can I trust this food? Trust and distrust in eating among middle-class youth in urban India
Shagufa Kapadia
Chapter 4. Eating out in Mexico City and Guadalajara – some conflict between health and heritage dimensions in Mexico
Liliana Martínez-Lomelí

Part 2. When food practices dovetail with urban landscapes

Chapter 5. Urban cuisine in Brazzaville (Republic of the Congo)
Yolande Berton-Ofouémé
Chapter 6. Warung makan – public kitchens at the epicentre of informality in Jakarta
Laura Arciniegas
Chapter 7. “Home and away” – narratives of food and identity in the context of urbanization
in Malaysia
Anindita Dasgupta, Sivapalan Selvadurai, Logendra S. Ponniah
Chapter 8. Sweet commercial drink adoption by urban Chinese middle-class people – between social control and new beverage consumption contexts
Jingjing Ma

Part 3. When the city invents its cuisine
Chapter 9. Bâbenda – a modernized traditional dish. Urban trajectory of a Burkinabe culinary specialty
Raphaëlle Héron
Chapter 10. Attiéké-garba – good to eat and think about. Social distinction and challenging hygiene standards in the Ivorian urban context
N’da Amenan Gisèle Sédia, Amoin Georgette Konan, Francis Akindès
Chapter 11. ‘Food from the pot’. Child nutrition and socialization in two Cameroonian cities
Estelle Kouokam Magne
Chapter 12. Modern culinary traditions for precarious times. Food insecurity and everyday practices among poor households in Mexico City
Ayari G. Pasquier Merino

Conclusion – what insight emerges to enhance research on transformations in urban food
and eating habits?
Audrey Soula, Chelsie Yount-André, Olivier Lepiller, Nicolas Bricas
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Language(s): English

Publisher: Éditions Quae

Edition: 1st edition

Collection: Update Sciences & technologies

Published: 18 december 2020

EAN13 eBook [PDF]: 9782759232826

EAN13 eBook [ePub]: 9782759232833

DOI eBook [PDF] : 10.35690/978-2-7592-3282-6

Pages count eBook [PDF]: 158

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