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Living territories to transform the world

by Patrick Caron (editorial coordination), Elodie Valette (editorial coordination), Tom Wassenaar (editorial coordination), Geo Coppens D’Eeckenbrugge (editorial coordination), Vatché Papazian (editorial coordination)
july 2017

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DOI : 10.35690/978-2-7592-2731-0

What resources underpin the development of a territory? What does territorial management of resources mean? What specific characteristics and opportunities does territorial organization offer for agricultural production, regulation of sectors, and services? How are territorial public policies conceived and applied? But also, what are the limits of the territorial approach? How does a territorial approach refashion the frameworks of intervention for development? How do we implement and reinvent mechanisms to provide support, build skills, and promote production and good governance? How do we mobilize information systems, apprehend territorial dynamics, and encourage decentralized planning?

Using a wide diversity of case studies, the book explores how actors, scales and scopes of intervention interact in the development of rural spaces in the countries of the Global South, both at the local level and in the global perspective of the objectives of sustainable development.

The book brings together the experiences and views of more than 150 researchers and experts from CIRAD, AFD and their partners. It is aimed at researchers, engineers, professionals in the countries of the Global South, as well as students and the wider public.

Table of contents

Part 1 - The territory and the challenges of sustainable development


Chapter 1. Why and how the concept of ‘territory’ can help in thinking rural development
Patrick Caron
Chapter 2. Territories and global challenges
Élodie Valette, Denis Pesche and Jean-Philippe Tonneau
Chapter 3. The territory: a response to the development crisis
Jean-Philippe Tonneau, Denis Sautier, Élodie Valette, Muriel Figuié, Gilles Massardier and Patrick Caron



Part 2 - Diversity of territorial functions and approaches


   2-1 – Organizing the territory to manage resources

Chapter 4. Agro-industries and territorial development: the role of land policies
Perrine Burnod, Jérémy Bourgoin and Élodie Valette
Chapter 5. Is the concept of territory miscible in irrigation water?
Amandine Adamczewski-Hertzog, Jean-Yves Jamin, Marcel Kuper, Sylvain Perret and Jean-Philippe Tonneau
Chapter 6. Sustainability of groundwater exploitation in the Mediterranean
Marcel Kuper and François Molle
Chapter 7. ‘Municípios Verdes’: from zero deforestation to the sustainable management of natural resources in the Brazilian Amazon
Marie-Gabrielle Piketty, Marc Piraux, Lilian Blanc, François Laurent, Nathalie Cialdella, Joice Ferreira, Émilie Coudel, Lucas Mazzei, Gabriel Lima Resque, Christophe Le Page, Krishna Naudin, Soraya Carvalho, Mario Gomes and René Poccard-Chapuis

Chapter 8. The territory, at the heart of new fish-farming innovations
Olivier Mikolasek, Marc Oswald, Newton J. R. Da Silva, Lionel Dabbadie and François Henry


   2-2 – Organizing the territory for production

Chapter 9. Dissemination of improved crop varieties in Africa: how territorial partnerships ensure the success of innovations

Danièle Clavel, Gilles Trouche, Louis-Marie Raboin and Kristen vom Brocke
Chapter 10. Creating innovative sectors in a territory for deriving value from biomass: Valosorgho in Occitania, an ongoing project
Sophia Alami and Danièle Clavel
Chapter 11. Co-designing cropping systems and territorial planning
Oumarou Balarabé and Olivier Gilard
Chapter 12. Modelling the impact of modes of governance on territorial dynamics: the case of the oil palm in Indonesia
Pierre-Marie Bosc, Julie Wohlfahrt and Cécile Bessou
Chapter 13. Transforming the landscape of south-western Ghana: impacts and challenges of the rubber sector
Mathilde Gasperi


   2-3– Organizing the territory for services

Chapter 14. Geography of health: using territorial constructions to better manage human and animal health

Daouda Kassié, Aurélie Binot, Marisa Peyre, Alexis Delabouglise, Thi Thanh Pham Hoa and François Roger
Chapter 15. Agroecological pest control and landscape organization in the French West Indies

Philippe Tixier, Dominique Carval, Christian Chabrier, Luc de Lapeyre de Bellaire, Marc Dorel, Claire Guillermet and Jean-Michel Risède
Chapter 16. Control of invasive species in island territories

Jacques Tassin
Chapter 17. Analyzing ecosystem services to manage territories

Bruno Locatelli, Améline Vallet, Giacomo Fedele and Bruno Rapidel
Chapter 18. Livestock at the heart of ‘climate-smart’ landscapes in West Africa

Jonathan Vayssières, Mohamed Habibou Assouma, Philippe Lecomte, Pierre Hiernaux, Jérémy Bourgoin, Frédérique Jankowski, Christian Corniaux, Mathieu Vigne, Emmanuel Torquebiau and Alexandre Ickowicz
Chapter 19. Urban-rural cohesion in territorial flood management

Olivier Gilard


   2-4– Mobilizing the territory as a resource

Chapter 20. Converging views on multi-sited territories in the southern Altiplano in Bolivia and southern Mozambique
Sara Mercandalli and Geneviève Cortès
Chapter 21. Localized agrifood systems
Claire Cerdan, François Boucher, Denis Sautier and Stéphane Fournier
Chapter 22. Urban and peri-urban recycling of organic matter, an approach based on ‘territorial’ ecology
Jérôme Queste, Ophélie Robineau and Tom Wassenaar
Chapter 23. Diversity of crops, societies and territories
Christian Leclerc, Vanesse Labeyrie and Geo Coppens d’Eeckenbrugge
Chapter 24. Protected areas: opportunities for socio-economic development of territories ?
Karen Colin de Verdière, Aurélie Binot, Alexandre Caron, Michel de Garine-Wichatitsky and Alice Leroy


   2-5– The territory as a basis for designing public policies

Chapter 25. Social learning for territorial development
Émilie Coudel, Jean-Philippe Tonneau, François Bousquet, Márcio Caniello, Eduardo Chia, William’s Daré, Tayan Raj Gurung, Frédérique Jankowski, Fernanda Leal, Christophe Le Page, Marc Piraux, Hélène Rey-Valette, Éric Sabourin and Guy Trébuil
Chapter 26. Diversity of actors and alliances in processes of territorialization

Sarah Audouin and Denis Gautier
Chapter 27. Towards a territorialization of rural policies in Tunisia: the example of water and soil conservation policies
Aurélie Chevrillon, Naoufel Ben Haha and Julien Burte
Chapter 28. The policyscape as a conceptual framework to study the combination of conservation and development policies in the territory: the case of Mexico
Driss Ezzine-de-Blas and Céline Dutilly
Chapter 29. The challenges of territorial governance: the example of rural Brazil
Marc Piraux, Jean-Philippe Tonneau, Éric Sabourin, Eduardo Chia, Márcio Caniello, Étienne Polge and Gilles Massardier
Chapter 30. Forest concessions: a transition towards territorial development institutions?
Alain Karsenty



Part 3 - Tools, methods and incentives for territorial development


Chapter 31. The researcher and the territory: accompanying complexity
Hermine Papazian, Jérôme Queste, Pierre Bommel and François Bousquet
Chapter 32. Assessing the capacity of cropping systems to respond to challenges of sustainable territorial development
Mathieu Vigne, Angel Avadí, Michael S. Corson, Jonathan Vayssières and Tom Wassenaar
Chapter 33. Monitoring territorial dynamics by remote sensing and spatial modelling
Camille Jahel, Louise Leroux, Émile Faye, Karen Colin de Verdière, Pascal Degenne, Danny Lo Seen and Xavier Augusseau
Chapter 34. Territorial observatories: a tool for development ?
Jean Philippe Tonneau, Philippe Lemoisson, Magalie Jannoyer, Pierre Maurel, Philippe Cattan, Marianne Le Bail and Vincent Bonnal
Chapter 35. Requirements, instruments and mechanisms of funding of rural territories
Vatché Papazian and Mathilde Gasperi
Chapter 36. French public aid for development: from a centralized aid for the development of chains to support for decentralization
Vatché Papazian and Aurélie Chevrillon
Chapter 37. Territory-centred thinking and action for a better future: territorial foresight in the regions of Ségou in Mali and Vakinankaratra in Madagascar
Jean-Michel Sourisseau, Nathalie Bougnoux, Jean-François Bélières and Robin Bourgeois
Chapter 38. General conclusion and outlook
Élodie Valette, Patrick Caron, Geo Coppens d’Eeckenbrugge and Tom Wassenaar

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Language(s): English

Publisher: Éditions Quae

Edition: 1st edition

Collection: Agricultures et défis du monde

Published: 3 july 2017

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DOI eBook [PDF] : 10.35690/978-2-7592-2731-0

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